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Setting the Course for Refueling, for 30+ Years

We’re still pumping out innovations unlike any other in the commercial market

To successfully maintain 80% market share of refuelers in the U.S. commercial airline segment for over two decades, you need to offer more than the status quo. In the 30+ years we’ve been in the business, Rampmaster has continually delivered the unique products and cutting edge innovations that have made us just that – the world’s premier manufacturer of commercial Jet-A aircraft refuelers.

Our heavy duty refuelers, ranging in size from 7,000 to 17,500 gallons, can be found at almost every major airport in the United States and on ramps world-wide. Although global in scope, we remain a family-owned U.S. manufacturer committed to advancing the commercial refueling industry through innovation, thought leadership, exceptional service and quality craftsmanship.

Why Rampmaster for Heavy Duty Refueling?

From our unique modularity and Modular Exchange to the development of the world’s largest non-articulating truck, we’ve always been at the forefront of airline refueler advancements. And now we’re offering our commercial customers even more game-changing innovations with our newest patented products:

Engine Management (Flow Control) System [EMS]

In 2011, Rampmaster introduced its patented EMS technology, a pumping control technology that governs the pumping process by continually varying truck engine RPM. This innovation is a worldwide exclusive first, obsoleting the traditional venturi and control valves of complex, maintenance-heavy systems for:

  • 63% drop in EPA emissions
  • 40% increase in fuel economy
  • 46% reduction in engine wear

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Our latest innovation is the self-propelled, self-regenerating electric mobile hydrant cart. The RampCart offers an array of operational and environmental benefits, including:

  • 66% less airport congestion
  • 360 degree concourse visibility
  • Zero EPA emissions
  • Elimination of hot engine fire hazards

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How Green Is Your Ramp?

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It's time to eliminate fuel burn, plug-in and EPA emissions with our patented, 100% self-sustaining electric hydrant carts.

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