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The world has changed since we first started, but the qualities of Rampmaster have remained the same.

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A Force in the Refueling Market for Over 4 Decades

Our history of innovation spans our entire existence

From the start, our unique vision has set us apart. We foresaw that airlines, into-plane agents and oil companies needed a new kind of refueler: one that would be extremely rugged and very easy to maintain, repair, upgrade and overhaul – allowing for a much longer lifecycle. Since the modular revolution of our Rampmaster refueler in 1979, we’ve continued to provide our customers the best products, loyal service, and a firm dedication to helping them run successful operations.

1968General Transervice, Inc. (GTI) is founded.

General Transervice

General Transervice, Inc. (GTI) is founded by Robert Watkins, a Vietnam U.S. Army Veteran, as an airport refueler maintenance company at Philadelphia Airport.

1974GTI develops the Rampmaster – the first ever modular refueler.

GTI sees the many challenges airlines face maintaining their refueling fleets. The Rampmaster modular design simplifies maintenance by allowing the truck to be seperated from the fuel tank.

1979The first Rampmaster prototype goes into service.

This 8,000 gallon capacity model routinely pumped a million gallons per truck per month for Piedmont Airlines in Norfolk, setting the new industry cost per gallon standards.

1981Rampmaster sells out its production line – this year and every year since.

Truck Fleet

The reliability of the Rampmaster became noticed immediately, creating a lasting demand-pull market for the revolutionary design.

1988Rampmaster introduces its modular design in 3K, 5K and 7K gallon truck models.

GTI incorporates the same modular straight truck design into units for the GA / FBO markets.

1990Rampmaster captures 80% of the domestic orders for heavy duty refuelers.

Rampmaster’s success became evident – 8 out of every 10 trucks delivered were Rampmasters.

1995Rampmaster unveils the world’s first ever 15,000 gallon straight truck modular refueler.

1997Outdoing their previous record, Rampmaster develops the 17,500 gallon straight truck refueler.

The world’s largest non-articulating refueler captures 95% of the super heavy market segment.

1997Rampmaster deliveries are made to South America and Japan.

GTI’s refulers can also be found on ramps in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Philippines and China.

2005Rampmaster develops a custom 5,000 gallon refueler for the FBO market.

The trucks are an equipment career solution for forward thinking FBO management decision makers.

2006Rampmaster unveils the 100% self-sustaining, 100% green hydrant cart.


The unit never needs to be recharged or refueled, and creates zero EPA emissions.

2010Rampmaster revolutionizes pumping efficiency with its patented Engine Management (Flow Control) System.

Airlines and FBOs alike benefit from the immense fuel cost savings, maintenance reductions and environmental benefits EMS brings.

PresentRampmaster continues to be a driving force for innovation in the refueling market.

Today, Rampmaster is global in scope, but remains an innovative and exceptional family-owned U.S. manufacturer, well known for re-investing capital to advance the refueling industry by way of thought leadership and quality craftsmanship.

"I am the vine, you are the branches: He that stays in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing."
- John 15:5