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Fueling Innovation

Pioneering the next era of efficiencies and savings in aircraft refueling

Ever since the first Rampmaster refueler left our factory in 1981, we’ve sold out our production line each year. Why? From our historical beginning as an aircraft refueler maintenance company to our current status as the leading commercial and FBO refueler manufacturer in the United States, we have always pursued quality first, above all else.

Today, we’re bringing the same benefits associated with our refueling innovations in the commercial market to general aviation and FBOs – longer refueler life cycles, significant fuel and maintenance savings, lower EPA emissions, to name a few – while also continuing to develop unprecedented product advancements for the commercial industry.

Our commitment is to technical innovation that benefits the entire aviation industry, so whether your operation is global or local, you can rely on the value of Rampmaster’s unparalleled and proven solutions – including:


Rampmaster was built on the revolutionary concept of refueler modularity. Our first refueler was developed after assessing the need for airlines to have a truck that was very easy to maintain, repair, upgrade and overhaul. The modules that make up a Rampmaster truck separate easily in minutes, more than doubling refueler life for dramatically low life cycle costs.
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Engine Management

Rampmaster’s revolutionary patented Engine Management (Flow Control) System [EMS] monitors PSI and flow rate to continually vary truck engine RPM for optimal fuel flow efficiency. By obsoleting traditional, inefficient complexity, EMS yields unprecedented fuel, maintenance and emissions savings.
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100% Green EPA Advancements

In line with our socially conscious philosophy, Rampmaster has developed a patented mobile electric hydrant cart for small regional jets – that translates to ZERO downtime for plug-in and ZERO EPA emissions.
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Unparalleled Financing Solutions

Our refueler leasing team is second to none. We provide unparalleled lease rates for companies who need low monthly costs along with the highest possible utility.
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