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The Rampmaster Electric Hydrant RampCart

Revolutionary regenerator technology in a small package

To solve the challenges of narrow body hydrant systems, Rampmaster has developed the RampCart, a smaller version of our patented, proven Regenerator hydrant cart.

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With a traditional narrow body hydrant refueling approach, more gates in a condensed area means that airports or into-plane agents need more fixed carts to service all of the traffic. This creates high up-front costs, lots of idle equipment along the concourse and the added costs of maintenance.

The RampCart is a completely new approach to narrow body refueling, as a self-sustaining, 100% electric hydrant cart that is powered by the pressure in the hydrant system. This totally green, uniquely innovative cart totally eliminates:

  • Forward and reverse handheld electric tiller allows for easy maneuverability
  • Hydrant truck fuel costs
  • Combustion engine maintenance
  • Truck engine emissions
  • Fire safety hazards from hot engine manifolds and mufflers
  • Recharge downtime
  • Plugging in for electric recharging

How Does the RampCart Ramp Up the Savings?

Looking at the example of a new terminal, we can see the savings that RampCart generates from day one. Assume 27 gates with a team of 9 at peak times. This would require the purchase of 27 fixed carts. However, with RampCart, an airport or into-plan agent would only need 9 units. This would results in an approximate cost savings of 40%, just to open the terminal. When you factor in the lower costs of maintenance because of the lower number of units, the RampCart will create a savings of 81% over the course of ten years!