5k E-lectric

Rampmaster 5k E-lectric

ZERO Emissions / ZERO Fuel Costs

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10k LS & 5k S

Engine Management
Savings That
Cannot Be Ignored

Save over $2,000 a month on all trucks
10K gallons or higher and over $500
on all trucks less than 7k gallons

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10k LS Jet Refueler

Rampmaster 10k LS

Modular Jet Refueler

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Fueling the Next Era of Innovation

Only Rampmaster refuelers feature our patented innovations that lower your cost per gallon, boost the reliability of your fleet and increase your savings over the life of the truck. For lowering your total cost of ownership while maximizing lifecycle savings, Rampmaster’s refueling solutions are second to none.

First In The Industry

Patented Technology

Engine Management System

Our pattended EMS (Engine Management System) is CAFEE certified and can save you as much as 43% on fuel, 63% emissions, and 46% savings on engine wear.

Industry leading

Purchase & Lease Flexibility

Providing the best value in the industry, and the longest lease tearm that stretchs out to 11 years! This provides great flexibility to our customers with lease provisions.


Exchange Program

Rampmasters refuelers are modular by design and are the only modular refuelers on the market, allowing the power module to be separated and replaced in minutes.

Unparalleled Service

Experienced Technicians

Providing the best quality and service through the entire life of your refueler. Experienced technicians arrives on location to put the refueler “in service” and to train personnel on operation.

Unparalleled Savings

All Freightliner Chassis (IE 3k, 5k, 7k)

Over $500 A Month Savings Per Truck

5k S

All Freightliner Chassis (IE 10k, 15k, 17.5k)

Over $2,000 A Month Savings Per Truck

10k LS
Discover Your Savings

National Average Diesel Cost: $5.54
AAA.COM as of 2022

The Company We Keep

Clients Around the World

Large or small, our customers enjoy the benefits of the most innovative refueling solutions on the market.

Serving our customers for over 50 Years

  • Swissport
  • Menzies Aviation
  • AVFuel
  • UPS
  • World Fuel Services
  • Signature Flight Support