5,000 Gallon Rampmaster Jet Refueler

The best price in the industry

Introducing the unbeatably affordable Rampmaster, a general duty airport refueler with everything you would expect from a Rampmaster.

5,000 Gallon Rampmaster Refueler

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Rampmaster 5,000 S Specifications

  • Chassis
    Freightliner M-2.
  • Engine
    Cummins Diesel.
  • Transmission
    Allison Automatic.
  • Axles
    Detroit Front Axle & Meritor Rear Axles.
  • Brake System
    Full Air Brakes.
  • Suspension
    Front Leaf Spring, Rear Chalmers.
  • Pump
    300 GPM PTO driven centrifugal self-priming Gorman Rupp pump.
  • Pumping Control
    RAMPMASTER Engine Management (flow control) System.
  • Filtration
    300 GPM filter vessel 5th edition.
    Gammon filter differential pressure gauge.
    Electronic water detection.
  • Hoses / Reel / Nozzles
    One (1) electric rewind hose reel with manual rewind (for underwing hose).
    One (1) electric rewind hose reel with manual rewind (for overwing hose).
    One (1) 2” x 50’ hose w/ underwing nozzle.
    One (1) 11⁄4”x 50’ hose w/ overwing nozzle.
    (Second overwing optional)
  • Throttle
  • Defualing
  • Metering
    300GPM Positive displacement meter with electronic registration.
  • Control Panels
    Ticket Printer, Register, Nozzle Gauge.
  • Piping
    Schedule 5 stainless steel piping.
  • Interlocks
    All underwing nozzles, bottom loading valve, and pump/drive selector.
  • Deadman
    Electric with Wrap up Hubs.
  • Emergency Shutdown
    Two (2) quick access shut-offs located at right front and left front of tank corners.
  • Fire Extinguisher
    Two (2) Ansul fire extinguishers.
  • Testing
    Refueler is completely flow tested for proper operation of all controls and valves, meter is calibrated.
  • Tank Capacity
    5,000 + 3% gallons’ shell full.
  • Compartments
    One (1) single.
  • Construction
    Aluminum, fully baffled .DOT 406 construction.
  • Manhole
    One (1) 20” diameter manhole with 10” fill, two (2) 2” fusible, vapor vent mounted in manhole.
    Two (1) 20” diameter inspection manhole.
  • Venting
    Betts vent with interlock weather-hood and elbow.
  • Flashing
    Two (2) aluminum extrusions welded and air tested.
  • Walkway
    Aluminum expanded metal walkway inside flashing.
  • Drains
    Two (2) at rear, one (2) at front of tank.
  • Ladder
    Aluminum bolt-on at rear with grip-strut steps and drain through risers.
  • Sensor Precheck Valve
    One (1) Apollo ball valve.
  • Bottom Load Adapter
    One (1) Aluminum 21⁄2” bottom load valve. Bottom load adapters equipped with brake interlocks.
  • Static Terminal
    At bottom load valve.
  • Product Level Sensors
    Madison electronic level gauge.
  • Tank Valves
    One (1) 4” Internal bottom load valve.
    One (1) 3” Offload valve.
  • Tank Mounting
    Tank mounted on chassis with neoprene sill.
    Sills have full length retaining strips.
  • Warranty
    Contact RAMPMASTER for specific warranty information.