7,000 Gallon S/SL Rampmaster Jet Refueler

Specialized for the fast pace of a commuter RAMP

An ideal combination of performance and price, the Rampmaster 7,000 S/SL is the most efficient
refueler for the commuter ramp and a great option for FBOs with strong jet traffic.

7,000 Gallon Refueler with Lift Platform

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Fast Access Lift Platform

The Rampmaster 7K SL is equipped with a lift platform with easy access to hoses and controls.

Optional Lift
Smart Technology

Engine Management System

Management (Flow Control) System EMS. It removes the complexity of venturi and control valves as well as the waste of a constant fuel burn, replacing it with a patented system of sensors that maintains even pressure in the wing while reducing the load on the refueler engine.

Rampmaster 7,000 S/SL Specifications

  • Chassis
    Freightliner M-2.
  • Engine
    Cummins Diesel.
  • Transmission
    Allison Automatic.
  • Axles
    Detroit Front Axle, T-Series Tandem Rear Axle.
  • Brake System
    Full Air Brakes.
  • Suspension
    Front Leaf Spring, Rear Chalmers.
  • Miscellaneous
    Power Steering w/ Cooler, Air Dryer with heater, full instrument gauge package. 300 GPM.
  • Pump
    300 GPM PTO driven centrifugal self-priming Gorman Rupp pump.
  • Pumping Control
    RAMPMASTER Engine Management (flow control) System.
  • Filtration
    300 GPM filter vessel 5th edition.
    Gammon filter differential pressure gauge.
    Electronic water detection.
  • Hoses / Reel / Nozzles
    One (1) electric rewind hose reel with manual rewind (for underwing hose).
    One (1) electric rewind hose reel with manual rewind (for overwing hose).
    One (1) 2” x 50’ hose w/ underwing nozzle.
    One (1) 11⁄4”x 50’ hose w/ overwing nozzle.
    (Second overwing optional).
  • Lift Platform
    Optional (One (1) deck hose, One (1) nozzle and controls.
  • Throttle
  • Defualing
  • Metering
    300GPM Positive displacement meter with electronic registration.
  • Control Panels
    Ticket Printer, Register, Nozzle Gauge.
  • Piping
    Schedule 5 stainless steel piping.
  • Interlocks
    All underwing nozzles, bottom loading valve, and pump/drive selector.
  • Deadman
    Electric with Wrap up Hubs.
  • Emergency Shutdown
    Two (2) quick access shut-offs located at right front and left front of tank corners.
  • Fire Extinguisher
    Two (2) Ansul fire extinguishers.
  • Testing
    Refueler is completely flow tested for proper operation of all controls and valves, meter is calibrated.
  • Tank Capacity
    7,000 + 3% gallons’ shell full.
  • Compartments
    One (1) single.
  • Construction
    Aluminum, fully baffled .DOT 406 construction.
  • Manhole
    One (1) 20” diameter manhole with 10” fill, two (2) 2” fusible, vapor vent mounted in manhole.
    Two (1) 20” diameter inspection manhole.
  • Venting
    Betts vent with interlock weather-hood and elbow.
  • Flashing
    Two (2) aluminum extrusions welded and air tested.
  • Walkway
    Aluminum expanded metal walkway inside flashing.
  • Drains
    Two (2) at rear, one (2) at front of tank.
  • Ladder
    Aluminum bolt-on at rear with grip-strut steps and drain through risers.
  • Sensor Precheck Valve
    One (1) Apollo ball valve.
  • Bottom Load Adapter
    One (1) Aluminum 21⁄2” bottom load valve
    Bottom load adapters equipped with brake interlocks.
  • Static Terminal
    At bottom load valve.
  • Product Level Sensors
    Madison electronic level gauge.
  • Tank Valves
    One (1) 4” Internal bottom load valve.
    One (1) 3” Offload valve.
  • Tank Mounting
    Tank mounted on chassis with neoprene sill.
    Sills have full length retaining strips.
  • Warranty
    Contact RAMPMASTER for specific warranty information.