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Green Innovations: Sustainability at Work

Rampmaster’s zero plug-in, zero emissions hydrant fueling solutions

Rampmaster has always had a socially conscious philosophy, continually leveraging technical innovations in energy efficiency to help airport operations reduce their environmental footprint. With the growing need in recent years to achieve new levels of sustainability, Rampmaster saw the economic and environmental promise in refueling solutions that could combat a number of industry challenges, including:

  • Excessive EPA emissions
  • Aging equipment and growing potential safety issues
  • Airline capital directed to core business
  • Agents with short term contracts serving cost-driven airlines
  • No industry incentives for agents to modernize

With these issues in mind, Rampmaster set out to create a new hydrant fueling solution that could take the challenges of sustainable development head-on, and answer the call for cleaner airport operations by our industry’s green organizations.

A Hydrant Refueler of a Different Color

Rampmaster’s RampCart for narrow body jet refuleing is built with regenerator technology, utilizing the pressure in airport hydrant systems to charge an electric battery located on the cart. The more fuel it delivers, the more energy it generates, enabling it to operate with zero downtime. Plus, this Rampmaster green hydrant solution eliminates the fuel costs, maintenance requirements and fire safety hazards of conventional hydrant cart solutions.

Through this green development, Rampmaster is bringing revolutionary changes to airport operations by:

  • Eliminating fuel costs and combustion engine maintenance
  • Saving 22lbs of CO2 for every gallon of fuel not burned
  • Eliminating fire safety hazards from hot engine manifolds and mufflers
  • Allowing airports to need less units with zero re-charge downtime
  • Eliminating electric utility costs and fossil fuel chain dependency

The RampCart’s small size is still capable of meeting the needs of a busy concourse. It’s nimble, agile and 100% green – and it’s just one more example of Rampmaster innovation at work.

Bring the Benefits of Green Hydrant Technology to Your Airport with the RampCart for narrow body jets.

Exchange Or Buy?

Exchange Or Buy?

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