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Like-New Utility at One-Third of the Cost

Restore your Rampmaster to factory new specs, performance, and warranty – after 10 years!

After years of daily use, a refueler truck gets worn out. When this happens to an integrated truck, the options are limited and costly – you can either continue to operate it and incur the time and money penalties associated with its maintenance, or you can purchase an entirely new unit. Fortunately, over three decades ago, Rampmaster developed an alternative solution with modularity.

Rampmasters are the ONLY modular refuelers on the market, allowing the power module to be separated and replaced in minutes. This module contains 90% of the refueler wear items including the engine, transmission, and pump, and an exchange will instantly provide like-new utility with original factory warranty and specifications at two thirds the cost of a new truck.

In an era where budgets are tight and competition is bringing rates down, proven refuelers are needed to keep pumping reliably. New trucks may be too much for your budget, but a Modular Exchange from Rampmaster provides the same reliability and performance of a new refueler while keeping maintenance costs and lease rates low.

Financing Benefits:

You cannot bury the costs of a repair into a lease, but a Rampmaster Modular Exchange is so extensive it qualifies for a tax lease. A tax lease offers tremendously low lease rates typically reserved ONLY for new refuelers.

Over a 10 year term, a Modular Exchange is 30% more efficientat 750,000 gallons per month when compared to old paid off Rampmasters that are not exchanged. This data is generated by combining finance costs, maintenance costs, and efficiency ratings to actual gallons pumped to get an average cost per gallon comparison.

To learn more about the economic benefits of Rampmaster’s modular exchange, or to schedule an on-ramp exchange for your refueler, contact our financial solutions team today.

Our White Glove Service Eliminates Refueler Downtime

Our White Glove Service Eliminates Refueler Downtime

Rampmaster's on-ramp Concierge Exchange replaces your worn chassis for new in a matter of minutes.

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