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Rampmaster Hydrant Vehicle

Quality-Built Pumping Solutions for the Speed of Terminal Operations

The Rampmaster Hydrant Vehicle delivers Rampmaster’s patented modularity to airports with terminal hydrant fueling solutions. It also offers the platform, pumping and metering features required to keep pace with the pace of your ramp.

Rampmaster Hydrant Refueler Vehicle

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  • Modular Design

    Rampmaster has pioneered and truly proven our exclusive modular refueler design. “On-airport exchange” of the power vehicle, tank or pump module keeps Rampmaster refuelers pumping and eliminates re-plumbing costs during overhaul.

  • Power Module

    The Rampmaster Hydrant Vehicle is built on a Ford F450 chassis that features automatic transmission and a Triton V10 engine for power and convenience.


    • 5-speed automatic transmission
    • 6.8L 3 valve SOHC EFI Triton V10
    • Gasoline engine
    • 19.5” argent steel wheels painted
    • 40 gallon fuel tank
  • Pump Module

    The Rampmaster Hydrant Vehicle is capable of fueling aircraft of all sizes, even the Airbus A380. With 800 GPM filter monitors and meters, the Rampmaster Hydrant Vehicle keeps the fuel flowing and planes flying.


    • Carter 4” hydrant pit coupler and flow control valves
    • 800 GPM filter monitor and Gammon filter differential pressure gauge
    • 50’ of 2.5” hose with Whittaker 2.5” F-117 underwing nozzle
    • 800 GPM meter with LCR II ticket printing register
    • Digital deck readout / rate of flow indicator + D.P. switch
    • Schedule 5 stainless steel piping
  • Support & Warranty

    Field mechanics are located strategically to provide assistance as needed. Factory personnel place vehicles into service for “zero defect” start-ups.

    All Rampmaster modular refuelers are guaranteed for one year.


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