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7,000 Gallon S Rampmaster Modular Jet Refueler

Specialized for the fast pace of the commuter ramp

An ideal combination of performance and price, the Rampmaster 7,000 S is the most efficient refueler for the commuter ramp and a great option for FBOs with strong jet traffic.

Rampmaster 7000 Gallon S Refueler

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  • Modular Design

    Rampmaster has pioneered and truly proven our exclusive modular refueler design. “On-airport exchange” of the power vehicle, tank or pump module keeps Rampmaster refuelers pumping and eliminates re-plumbing costs during overhaul.

  • Power Module

    Our small truck International cabs offer good visibility and abundant interior room with seating for three occupants. Our heavy-duty diesel and Allison automatic transmission combination provides unequaled durability in actual service.


    • Heavy Duty Chassis
    • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
    • Allison Automatic Transmission
    • Short Conventional Design
    • Full Air Brakes
    • Radial Tires
  • Pump Module

    Rampmaster pump modules are constructed out of aluminum and stainless steel so that no paint is needed, which lowers maintenance costs. They also feature a three-inch, 300 gallons per minute, filter monitor with differential pressure gauge and air eliminator.


    • Engine Management System for Flow Control
    • 300 GPM
    • 2 Upper Deck Hoses
    • 1 Single Point Side Reel
    • 1 Overwing Hose Reel
    • Air-Operated Deadman
    • Stainless Steel Piping
    • Electronic Ticket Printer
    • Gorman Rupp Pup
    • Gorman Rupp Fuel/Defuel Valve
    • Filter Monitor

    Optional Equipment

    • 2nd Overwing Hose Reel
    • Electronic Prist® Injector
  • Tank Module

    The Rampmaster heavy-duty aluminum trailer detaches in minutes via forklift chutes. When coupled, Rampmaster’s patented design enables the vehicle to steer easily as a true straight truck without trailer pivoting. Our precision fit tanks feature a number of design, engineering and fabrication innovations that give us the confidence to offer a lifetime leak guarantee. We use a heavier metal with perfect fit welding to create precise, pre-formed shells instead of the standard elliptical skins pulled in tension around bulkheads. Our tanks also feature a reflex bottom and flat, roll-resistant sides that reduce lateral load shift and the possibility of rollover.


    • Single Compartment Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tank
    • 2-Stage Hi-Level Shutoff
    • Bottom Load (Standard)
    • Precheck (Standard)
    • 108-Inch Axles
    • Chalmers Suspension
    • Tank Level Indicator
  • Support & Warranty

    Field mechanics are located strategically to provide assistance as needed. Factory personnel place vehicles into service for “zero defect” start-ups.

    All Rampmaster modular refuelers are guaranteed for one year. Tanks are guaranteed against leaks for ten years (see warranty for specific details).



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