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Bringing Proven Airline Concepts to Small-Scale Operations

The leader in commercial refueling is changing the game for FBOs

It’s time to reset the expectations of FBOs. It’s no longer viable for distributors to offer old technological answers to an industry that’s facing a new economy – one where the concept of ‘throwaway’ is truly over. Instead, value will be measured by quality craftsmanship and innovation that lasts.

As an FBO, you might not see refueling as a game changer for your business – but with four decades of battle-proven experience developing refueling solutions for airlines, Rampmaster knows the real strategic value of an innovative refueler program. By making our proven airline industry refueling concepts available to smaller scale facilities, we’re bring you the same unprecedented benefits we’ve brought to our commercial customers, ranging from longer utility to immense EPA emissions and fuel savings.

Why Rampmaster for FBOs?

We’re not a theoretical oil company design or a truck commodity – we’re proven leaders with over 30 years of innovation in the refueling industry with modular vehicles ranging from 7 to 17,500 gallons. And now with the development of our 3,000 and 5,000 gallon refuelers, we have a long-term solution for the FBO industry, based on the same concepts that have kept our larger trucks fueling 50 airline flights a day for 10 years trouble-free.

While our FBO solutions may be smaller in scale, they are state-of-the-art in scope:

Patented Engine Management (Flow Control) System [EMS]

Rampmaster’s patented EMS technology – a worldwide exclusive first – is a true game changer for the FBO industry. EMS obsoletes traditional, fuel-inefficient and maintenance-heavy complexity by eliminating venturi and control valves, automatically governing truck engine RPM during the pumping process to bring you:

  • 40% fuel savings
  • 63% less EPA emissions
  • 46% savings in engine wear

 Learn more about the benefits EMS can bring to your FBO >>

Modular Lifecycle Components

All Rampmaster trucks are comprised of three modules – the tank, the chassis and the pump module – all which separate easily in minutes for repair, upgrade, or overhaul with an exchanged module. The highly rugged, modular design more than doubles refueler life – dramatically lowering your total lifecycle costs.
 View a 360 degree model of the separable modules >>

Unparalleled Leasing Solutions

Rampmaster’s leases far surpass anything remotely available in product support from other lessors. Our long lease terms spread the monthly cost of the refueler out over time, allowing FBOs to take advantage of extremely low monthly rentals.
See all of Rampmaster’s unprecedented financing solutions >>

FBO Training

Rampmaster is the only manufacturer to offer FBOs training on our refueler products.

Leasing Delivers Economic Benefits

Leasing Delivers Economic Benefits

With Rampmaster leasing solutions, you can enjoy the quality of a Rampmaster with the best possible finanical terms.

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