1,000 Gallon Rampmaster AvGas Refueler

Patented Innovations for Piston-Powered Plane Refueling

Our 1,000 gallon AvGas refueler vehicle allows Rampmaster to provide general aviation with the full complement of refueler options needed to serve their piston-powered traffic. The AvGas refueler features a heavy-duty aluminum tank and Ford F550 chassis for maximum dependability.

1,000 Gallon Rampmaster AvGas Refueler

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AvGas Specifications

  • Tank Construction
    Elliptical design fabricated from bright polished aluminum. Tank constructed with a .250 thick floor. The sides and top of the tank are to be of .190 material. All baffles, heads and bulkheads are to be 210. Cross members are installed at all heads and baffles. All heads and baffles will be dished and flanged. DOT 406 certificate of compliance will be issued.
  • Compartments
    One compartment
  • Bulkheads
    Single bulkhead construction. Heads are dished and flanged for maximum strength and to meet D.O.T. MC-406 regulations. Surge-heads installed and spaced to D.O.T. specifications.
  • Underframe
    Extruded “L” type sill welded to tank bottom. Cross-members are installed at each surge-head and bulkhead.
  • Flashing
    Full length double legged leak proof extruded aluminum overturn rails to meet D.O.T. MC-406. May be used as vapor recovery header. Expanded aluminum metal between rails. The overturn protection of the tank will be separate from the tank shell.
  • Flashing Drains
    Two external drains at front of tank and two external drains at rear of tank.
  • Manholes
    16” manholes with 10” fills. D.O.T. MC-406 approved venting.
  • Discharge Lines
    Tank has 3” aluminum sumps in bottom of compartment.
  • Internal Valve
    Whittaker F660AC 3” internal valve paired with Whittaker F613AD Jet level sensor.
  • Rear Platform or Side
    Rear deck platform or side equipment setup
  • Bumper
    One ladder with small platform installed in rear of tank. Ladder will be installed on the center rear.
  • Ladder
    Two (2) Ansul fire extinguishers.
  • Fenders
    Jeep style aluminum fenders. Fenders are bolted on for ease of replacement if damaged.
  • Lights
    A Betts Valox lighting package will be installed on tank. All lighting will be wired into weatherproof tubing and junction boxes. It will include: Four clearance lights ( two red and two amber ), one three light bar, a model S200 with integral reflectors, on B40JL taillight sealed beam back up light, two B40 Cluster lights on rear head. All lighting conforms to DOT FMVSS-MC108 regulations. All lighting will be LED.
  • Toolbox
    One 18” x 18” x30”L aluminum toolbox mounted on unit with single drop down door with lanyards.
  • Finish
    Aluminum left in bright finish. Steel parts painted.
  • Mounting
    Tank to conform to DOT mounting procedures. Insulation installed between chassis frame and tank sill. Front of tank is spring loaded to allow for flex of the frame behind the cab.
  • Bottom Loading
    OPW 1611A bottom load adapter. Adapter installed on either side. Hight level shutoff and bottom load door with brake interlock.
  • Vapor Recovery
    Stubs installed in curb side flashing rail, off set manholes with 3” Betts vent and vapor hood, connector hose between vent and rail. 4” adapter with dust cap and brake interlock at VP outlet. Includes EPA method 27 tightness test.
  • Product Pumps
    (1) Blackmer TXD2 product pump and strainer. Pumps will include hydraulic motor adapter.
  • Relief Valve
    (1) Blackmer releif valve.
  • Pump Bracket
    (1) Heavy duty steel L type pump mount brackets bolted to chassis frame
  • Differential Gauge
    (1) Schultz SC5150-30DF 0-30 PSI differential pressure gauge with test valve.
  • Filter
    (1) Velcon VF-61 filter vessel with Acquacon element.
  • Meter
    (1) Liquid Controls 2” M5 LCR600 electronic meter. Includes meter, air eliminator, strainer, LCR600 electronic register, internal pulser, E7 solenoid valve and Epson ticket printer. Printer installed in cab.
  • Hose Reel
    (1) Hannay EPJ electric rewind hose reel with explosion proof motor and solenoid switch. Circuit breaker installed for protection of reel switch and motor.
  • Delivery Hose
    (1) 1” x 50’ MxM API 1529 fueling hose. Tested & Certified.
  • Nozzle
    (1) OPW 1” 295SA overwing fueling nozzle.
  • Tank Drain
    (1) Tank water drain off system with Morrison water drain valve.
  • Static Reel
    (1) Hannay spring rewind static ground reel with 50’ of cable and clip.
  • Grounds
    (1) Grounding strap and (2) Brass grounding lugs.
  • Power Take Off
    (1) Hot shift PTO assembly mounted to transmission. PTO control in work area.
  • Drive System
    (1) PTO shaft coupled from PTO to product pump.
  • Interlock
    Micro interlock brake system for chassis. Interlocks to includes nozzle holder with interlock switch, Bottom load and vapor recovery door with interlock switch and interlock override switch. Brake pedal will be depressed when interlocks are activated.
  • Fire Extinguishers
    (2) U.L. rated 20-B dry chemical with mounting brackets.
  • Installation
    Complete assembly of tank and pumping system onto chassis, all system plumbing, pipe fittings, mounting kit, mud flaps, and anti-sail brackets. Rubber insulation installed between tank sills and chassis frame. Electrical wiring to be enclosed in protected loom. Installation to include flow test.
  • Manuals
    One set of manuals to be supplied with unit. Flow test reports and hose certificates in manual.