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Refueler Modularity

Engineered to last, designed to save

A Rampmaster refueler consists of three modules: the power module, the pump module and the tank module. All three of these modules separate easily in minutes for repair, upgrade or overhaul (via an exchanged module). The highly rugged, modular design more than doubles the life of the refueler. At the end of 10 years, the power module can be exchanged by Rampmaster to restore the refueler to factory new specs, performance and warranty. The pump and tank modules are passive and resist wearing out. With a power module exchange, the refueler is revitalized and will pump with new utility for another 10 years at two thirds the original cost, creating dramatically low lifecycle costs.

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The Impact of Rampmaster’s Modularity on Lifecycle Costs & Profitability is Dramatic!

Let us assume if it were possible, that all truck designs could enjoy trouble-free, 1,000,000 gal./month, ten year lifecycles. Thereafter, capital investment will be necessary to maintain like-new utility for the next 10 years. The key words are: like-new utility. Only Rampmaster truly attains like new utility via power module exchanges to factory new specs and warranty.

The competition has no such modular answer. And because rigid mounted tanks dangerously leak after 5 to 10 years, like-new utility can only be truly provided by total replacement of competing designs.

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