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Engine Management
(Flow Control) System

Revolutionizing flow control from the inside out

With the average refueler truck, the engine runs at high RPMs to pump the fuel while a series of valves and sensors regulate the pressure into the wing. But what if the valves and sensors talked back to the engine and told it when it could run slower to produce the same pressure with less power?

That’s the idea behind Rampmaster’s revolutionary Engine Management (Flow Control) System [EMS]. It removes the complexity of venturi and control valves as well as the waste of a constant fuel burn, replacing it with a patented system of sensors that maintains even pressure in the wing while reducing the load on the refueler engine. Not only does our EMS system lower your refueler fuel and maintenance costs, it also improves the simplicity and reliability of the entire refueler system.

EMS reduces the pump module to hoses, filter, meter and pipe, obsoleting dozens of maintenance-heavy wearable parts:

All these parts, along with their functions, disappear into an electric box behind the driver.

We’ve left in very little to wear out and maintain, greatly extending the pump module’s lifecycle and ultimately bringing airlines and FBOs a much safer operating vehicle.

Through the automatic governing of engine speed, EMS delivers benefits such as:

  • 40% fuel savings
  • 63% EPA emissions savings
  • 46% savings in engine wear

EMS is ONLY available on Rampmaster refuelers. Browse our full line of refueler trucks from 3,000 gallons to 17,500 gallons to learn what the right fit is for your operations.

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