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Make the Most of Your Business-Critical Equipment

In today’s market, equipment lease and finance solutions can enhance your liquidity, productivity and competitive long-range planning

Whether you are looking to optimize depreciation, lower monthly payments or monetize fixed assets, Rampmaster can help meet whatever objectives drive your business plan and decision tree.

With our long heritage as a manufacturer in the refueling industry, Rampmaster understands the value of our business critical equipment and can help you manage it from purchase to Modular Exchange. What’s more, you gain access to Rampmaster’s world renowned “leasing solutions” best practices that can help you improve your business performance beyond the transaction.

Loaner Program

While your Rampmaster is being produced, our loaner program is renowned for giving you the edge and facility that fuels your business daily.

Exchange Membership

Current lease customers get first choice on additional exchanged units as they become available – giving you the best cost per gallon uplift capability in the business

NPV Savings through Modular Exchanges

“The value of the firm is maximized by maximizing the NPV of every decision.”

As a financial presentation Rampmaster can develop NPV models that incorporate cost of inflation, regulatory risk, and interest rate cost of capital presenting the “value” associated with Chassis Exchange.

Rampmaster Freedom Fleet

Our Freedom Rental Fleet is comprised of Rampmasters that have been in service satisfying customer’s shorter term fueling needs for many years, including a mix of exchanged Rampmasters and vehicles that are still in their first lifecycle. Freedom Rentals are in extremely high demand by customers and are typically deployed within days of becoming available. If you are interested in our shorter term Freedom Fleet, contact us for consideration.

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