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RAMP - Rampmaster Active Monitoring Program

Our latest innovation brings wireless monitoring and web based reporting to Rampmaster refuelers

The Rampmaster Center for Production and Innovation continues to keep its product and service innovation pipeline full, generating new sources of customer value faster and better than before. The premier refueler manufacturer’s latest innovation – the Rampmaster Active Monitoring Program (RAMP) – was officially introduced in Orlando, FL at the 2012 NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention with an extremely positive initial response from show attendees. Through RAMP technology, Rampmaster is taking the first steps to harvest a refueler vehicle’s information from the refueling process and convert it into meaningful data that customers can easily access and utilize to efficiently manage their complete refueling operation.

RAMP is a combination of advanced hardware and innovative software. A small in-truck unit, consisting of a processor and a wireless transmitter, captures refueling event information from the truck and then relays the data. Armed with this information, operators can optimize vehicle performance, improve reliability, increase useful life, and lower maintenance costs. The initial product release will enable the capture and reporting of vehicle health information (such as Diagnostic Trouble codes and Engine Hours) with ticket information for each refueling event. Future capabilities will include oil quality monitoring, fuel contamination monitoring, GPS-based location reporting and acceleration/deceleration logging functionalities, to name a few.  This information and associated analytics will be available on a secure, internet-accessible portal.  Through the portal, customers will be able to view both the current status of the refuelers in their fleet and run reports showing trends and history of the trucks in operation.

RAMP will also provide automated e-mail and text alerts of events that are deemed critical by the customer to allow for quicker response times to potential or unscheduled maintenance issues.  The customer can determine what events will trigger such alerts, who will be alerted and how the alerts will be delivered. In addition, full back office integration is in development to help customers improve the quality of their accounting information and to eliminate manual data entry.

Rampmaster’s CEO, Lee Yohannan, is very excited about the possibilities that RAMP offers. “What we have today is a solid foundation that will allow us to support and enhance the operations of our customers in ways that may be limited only by their imagination. All this information, accessible remotely and in real-time, will enable quicker decision making and improved efficiency – and that is just scratching the surface of RAMP’s full potential.”

This innovative technology will be an integrated park of all new Rampmaster refuelers and will also be available for installation on existing vehicles within Rampmaster’s customer fleets. In fact, the first two units have already been deployed for EPIC Aviation on FBO refueler vehicles.



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