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Fueling the Next
Era of Innovation

Only Rampmaster refuelers feature our patented innovations that lower your cost per gallon, boost the reliability of your fleet and increase your savings over the life of the truck.
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put growth in motion

We’re Changing
the Game
for FBOs

For years, FBOs have thought of Rampmaster as the refueler they could never have. We’ve brought our innovations to smaller vehicles – giving FBOs the same gains in savings and efficiency our commercial customers enjoy.
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put growth in motion

Still Pumping Strong
30 Years Better

Ever since the first Rampmaster refueler left our factory in 1981, we’ve had a sold out production line every year. Why? Superior build quality and patented innovation that keep our vehicles pumping and your planes flying.
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Ramp Up the Savings

For lowering your total cost of ownership while maximizing lifecycle savings, Rampmaster’s refueling solutions are second to none.

Rampmaster’s patented Engine Management (Flow Control) System monitors PSI and flow rate to continually vary truck engine RPM for optimal fuel flow efficiency.

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40%Truck Fuel Savings

63%Lower EPA Emissions

46%Savings on Engine Wear

Our patented modularity makes it easy to replace the 3 key refueler parts on site via Concierge Exchange, to keep fleet moving and extend the life years beyond the competition.

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40 - 60% savings

with a Rampmaster Modular Exchange
vs. a Full Replacement Vehicle

With a few data points, you can see how great your Net Present Value savings could be if you implement our refueling solutions at your airport. Just take a look at some of these examples:

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Your Economic Advantage

  • > Fuel Savings
  • > Less Maintenance
  • > Replacement Costs
Meet the newest member of the family - Rampmaster S
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